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PCH Project Solutions is a company focused on providing business development and marketing support to architects, engineers and construction (A/E/C) professionals to help them compete at a higher level.   We provide full service proposal management for A/E/C firms for public and private markets.


Our passion for communication, through visual design and writing, is at the center of what we do for our clients:  making them look good so they get the "win".  We are passionate about delivering a high level of quality in our work, and representing our clients with excellence.   We have years of experience providing technical writing, designing and editing technical documents and marketing pieces.  PCH Project Solutions wants to be your partner in growing your business, as we design presentations that are not only attractive, but also clearly understood, as we direct the content to the intended audience.

Our History




With years of experience helping construction professionals, engineering teams, market teams,  authors, municipalities, doctoral candidates, and others present themselves clearly and professionally, we decided it was time to focus more specifically on the A/E/C industry,  helping small-to-medium sized A/E/C firms compete in the local  market.


As a woman-owned business, PCH Project Solutions is dedicated to connecting people in the AEC industry and helping firms grow their market share.

A Proposal or RFQ response represents a first impression of your company, a marketing tool, and a new business opportunity.   It may be your one and only chance to make a good impression with a potential client.  It can also create obligations of performance level and even present opportunities for loss.  Because of these factors, how you present your company in the RFQ/Proposal can and will make the difference in whether you are shortlisted for the project.


From initial analysis and go/no-go decision, to selecting your team, we will work along side your staff, or lead the proposal strategy, and content development.

How you present yourself in writing in your RFQs, presentations and staff resumes is extremely important.


We can edit current project profiles and staff resume; write copy for your website or internal documentation, such as company policies; and write or edit content of your RFQ responses.


We are meticulous in our attention to detail as we work with our clients to produce documents that reflect their brand and communicate their message clearly to prospective customers.  Our clients receive regular opportunities to review the work in progress, provide feedback, and request changes.






You’ve been short-listed for a project you have been chasing for months.  Congratulations!

You have invested a considerable amount of time and money getting to this point. Don't lose it in the interview.


The bottom line is that most professionals in the A/E/C industry went to school to learn a technical skill.  You did not set out to be in sales or public speaking, but now you’ve been called to “perform” in an interview.


We will make this process a whole lot easier for you.   We will help you understand the key project issues and drivers. We will then identify what differentiates you from the competition, come up with a unique presentation theme and  an interview strategy.


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